Starting Up Again

Hey all. I started this blog a year ago on the recommendation of my WPWVC-ACRL (the local chapter of the Association of College & Research Libraries) mentor, Ethan Pullman. At the time I was unemployed, looking for my first library job. In March 2015, I was hired at Duquesne University as the temporary ETD Coordinator (ETD stands for “Electronic Theses & Dissertations”). With that being my first job, I entered a fairly intense period of transition- adjusting to professional life, figuring out new ways to take care of myself, adapting to professional relationships, having less free time, etc.

Unfortunately, my blog was something that was given up in the shuffle. I was hired as a Part-Time Research and Instruction Librarian following the expiration of my temporary ETD position, which is what I am doing now. I am enjoying my time at Duquesne, and hope to write a few thoughts about my time as ETD Coordinator before I move on to writing about other things.

Look for a post or two coming up about my time as ETD Coordinator, some projects I have been working on as a Research and Instruction Librarian, and some upcoming personal projects. The personal projects will include some writing and amateur bookbinding. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to write more, as it is something I really enjoy.

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